Coats Ranch

These are photographs of the old Coats ranch at 6500 Highland Road, Pleasanton, California. It was last owned by Bethel and Phoebe Coats.

The ranch from the hill side. The only signs of the buildings are near the Smoke tree (light red and green color) near the center of the frame. The property extended beyond the hills in the back ground and behind the point from which the photograph was taken. The original well is still in use. The photo was taken in 2007. Since then, a new house had been built over the foundations of the old one.

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This is the site from the road at the present entrance to the property. Berta remembered Bethel Coats building swings from the trees on the hill in the right right.

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The one recognizable sign of the ranch structure is this pond that Phoebe Coats built for the ducks. The Smoke tree is just to the left of it.

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