Letters to E. W. Curtis

This is a very limited lineage for the Alden family as it is intended as supporting information for the Bartlett line.

[Punctuation added. Spelling looked to be correct.]

Addressed to: Mr E. W. Curtis, Hockingport, Athens Co., Ohio


17th July 1848

Mr. E. W. Curtis;

Dear Sir

Your f_ of the 10th is s_ and we would answer that we have not yet got Mr. Phillips saw tried yet. We have had to make a tool for every part we _ which has taken double the time we first expected, but being determined that it shall not fail for wont of its being fitted up correctly. We are now about ready to commence putting it up in a sawmill in Hughey City and, as soon as its tested, we will give you the result be it good or bad. We will also tell you the cost _ both for saw and an engine sufficient to drive it. We have no faith in horsepower to saw with. It’s too limited a power.


SS Fowler & Co.

[Jones is a guess at the name. Wright is also a guess ‘Bro’ might be brother]

Marietta Sep. 28 1850

Mr. E. W. Curtis

Dear Cousin

Jones came to hand this evening request us to forward you $50. We have handed that amount to Cousin Austin who is going home to Wright and will send it to you

All well

Yours truly

Curtis & Bro

[ From his wife Hanah]

Addressed to: Mr. E. W. Curtis, Helena, Arkansas

Hocking Port

December the 1st 1851

Eleazer as this is Sunday evening once more. I thought I would write to you once more. I got your letter yesterday and was glad to heare from you and to heare you are all well. Eleazer, I expect you think I have forgotten you but I have not as you have not got a letter since you left Cincinnati. I have wrote evey week since you left. I sent a letter to Jeffersonvill, Evansvill, and one to Memphis. I have nothing new to tell you but wee are all well. I have just come home to night from over Hocking. I stade heare till I got tiard and lonesome and thought I would go home. I went last Tuesday and stayed untill to day. I think I would stayed this week but school commencing to morrow the 15 of December. A man by the name of Summers teacher Mr done disaponted them and did not come the last time. I heard from your fathers [family]. They was all well. You sed your brother Sid was going to wright to me but he has not yet. Eleazar, I wish you was at home to night. I would give all the world if it was mine to give. I hope you will do well and get home sooner then you expect. Wright often and let me heare from you. I have not don inny thing much since you left but take good care of Bub and sis for Bub has got all most as bas as sis ever was. I have made my carpet and dres quilted a quilt since you left. How does George and John get along? I think I can see John cucking [chucking] over that little stove and how dos trunfe du? Has he got over his scare yet? Poor dog, he has got so fare from home he will never get back agane. They say Cp. P. Devol is pilot on the Buckeye State and his wife is out home. I heard Lam Knowels and Let is going to get married abought Christmas or New Years. Nothing more to right. I give my love to you and all of the rest and remane your affection H

H.S. Curtis


[The first part of the letter appears to be for George Ruth. Perhaps they didn’t want to address it to him because his wereabouts might be determined. All punctuation added and some capitalization changed]

Addressed to: E. W. Curtis, Point Veto, Mississippi

Dear Brother;

I set down with pleasure to write to you we are all well at presant. Hoping that these few lines may find you all the same. It has bin vary cold hear this winter. The Ohio has bin froze up sow thay crost on it four or five days. Thay has bin snow hear all winter. We hav good slaying hear. The river is low and plenty of ice. Soon as it comes worm we are going to load a coupple of small boats. We havent bin down the river yet. George, uncle Ben says that you can com back and liv in Virginia or any other state but keep out of Ohio. Uncle Ben says you can liv in Virginia and they cant meddel with you thir. Jacen Waterman said that he seen Sam Young in Jeffersonville and Sam said that he tole you that the Constable was after you just to skeer you away. George, Louis Lob dill tole me that Betty Guiding’s child looked lik the girls and he said he thot it belong to the girls and he said it was a girl. Jane wrote down to me. Wanted me to write to you and tell you to com home as soon as you can. George, when you com home you must git off in Virginia. You musant git off in Ohio for they might ketch you. Jane wrote to ous and said she was coming down to see ous. Uncle Ben says as soon as he can go out thir sow he can git a look at the baby and see if he can tell hoo [who] it looks like. I would lik to bee with you this winter. Tell John his gal is wating for him to come back. I havent any thing mor to say at presant

Job S Ruth

George Ruth

In the same letter

Hocking Port Jan the 18, 1852

Eleazer, as this is Sunday evening, I thought I would wright to you. I got your letter yesterday from Cario and was glad to heare you all was all well. I have nothing new to wright. I think this last week wee have had some of the coldest wether I ever saw. The river is all most froze over and very low. It has snowed all day and snowing yet. I have not bin very well fore three or fore days with a bad cold. Alice and James both have caught cold to and Bub is cros. He has got so large since you left you wont know him when you get back. How glad I will be when you get back home for it is so cold I haft to stay heare at home all the time. I have not bin over home but twice since you left and don’t expect to go again this winter. Hooking [Hocking River] froze over all the time. Alice ses when her Pa come home he will bring her some candy and kis her. She talks of you every day. The doc brot home his wife Sablack sibln sack and she is starch up I tell you.

My pen is bad. From your affectinnate

H. S.

to E.W.C.

Last Monday I sent you a letter to Point Veto

[L. E. is Leander Estell Curtis. Punctuation and capitalization added to the best of my ability given the structure]

[No envelope.  Presumed to be to Eleazer]

Louisville July __ 13,,185[2?]

Dear Brother

I received your letter on the 4 of this month and was pleased to hear from you.  I have nothing in the way of news to write as it regards health.  Your brother S.W. [Sydney Walter] and myself are enjoying good health.  I hope that mother is better than when last I heard from her.

                You spoke in your letter that you had saved $30 for me which you will enclose in a letter and send it to me and much obliege me as I can youse it to a good advantage you will do it imediately

                I heard form C.D.C. [Charles Devol Curtis] the other day.  He was well and thought if coming home in August.

                I trust Fathers health is good and Ruhama also.  Tell Ruhama I will write her soon and would be pleased to hear from her when ever she would be pleased to write.

My Kindest Regards to all

Yours with respect

L. E. Curtis

Addressed to: E.W. Curtis, Hocking Port, Ohio

Louisville Christmas Morning Dec 25th 1854

Dear Brother;

I occupy a short time in directing a line to you not that I have any thing in the way of news to offer but manely to give you my views in regard to coming back home. S.W. [Sidney W. Curtis] says that you wished me to write immediately and state to you my views on that particular point. Now I will simply remark that if it is the wish of father & mother, Ruhana and yourself for me to come back home and live, if it is the earnest wish of all for me so to do I will come and do the best that I can. Not that I can conduct the Farm in any better mannor than I did before, not that I can do any more labour than before, but mearely to change the thing for the better in your Fathers & your own family. I do not propose this because I earnestly desire to come back nor do I propose it because I can not get a living away from home. Not with any other views do I offer this. Only to change this thing for the better if that change can be made. A change that would be more pleasant for you and family and more pleasant for your Father’s family. Takeing these things into consideration I will consent to come back not that I think it will add to my happiness any. Not that I have any selfish motives in offering to return. Not with any other motive in view. Only to better the condition of all if it is possible that such a change can be made. These are my views on the subject. If it is the wish of all for me to return, I will. If not, you have your wish gratified, that is, you wished me to give you my views which I have. You will answer me at your most convenient period. My kindest regards to all

L. E. Curtis

[This appears to be a pre-printed form letter]

Addressed to: E. W. Curtis Esq., Hockingport, Ohio

WEST & McDougal.



No. 23 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, June 4th, 1855

Mr. E. W. Curtis

We have afsociated ourselves together for the purpose of transacting a General Commifsion Businefs, and respectfully solicit your Consignment, and also your order for any articles in this market. Our Mr West has been engaged for several years past in the special Commifsion, Produce and Provision businefs, in this City, and will give his special attention to that department of our trade. Our Mr McDougal, (late Straight, Deming & Co.) has, for four years past, been engaged in the sale of Butter and Cheese, and wholesale dealer in Groceries of all kinds, and will give that Branch of our businefs his personal attention. Your favors will always received our prompt attention, and we guarantee satisfaction in all cases. We will be prepared at all times to make advances on Consignments in hand. Our motto will be "Quick Sales and prompt returns."

Respectfully yours,


Addressed to: Mr E. W. Curtis, New England, Wood County, W. Va.

Aburn, June 4th 1885

Dear folks at home

I arrived here last night. Am working hard and Wade the same. Tis very dry throughout this this section and grass and wheat very short. Corn and potatoes are looking well. I was fishing one day last week and caught some nice ones. Will close for this time and write soon again. Wishing you are all well and love to all.

I am your son

George Curtis

Write me at once

Weston W. Va.

[punctuation and capitals added]

Addressed to: Rev E. W. Curtis, New England, Wood County, W. Va

Freedom, Pa

Nov 13th 1885

To the dear ones at home;

I read your letter some time ago. Was glad to hear that you was all well.

It has been raining here all day and getting cold. We are all well and enjoying good health. It takes Carrie and me all the time to watch baby. He runns off every chance he gets. He is dying to talk.

Alice has not come to see us yet. I would like for her to come. We would treat her will

Pa, while looking over the morning Paper, I came across the name of one of your old friend Press Duvall. I will send it to you.

Hoping this will find all well and with love from Carrie and my self.

I am as ever your son


P. S.

Lew & Russ going to Pitts next week. Will try and see Mr. Risher for you

[not too sure of the first two names in the post script]