Dutton Origins

Most of the lineage on this page has been well documented because it contains the members of several royal houses, the most well known being that of William the Conqueror. There are two claims to consanguinity with this lineage for Odard, the first Dutton. One is with Emme and Ivo (Yvron), viscount of Contentin and the other as the children of William, the 4th count of Eu and Jeanne. Neither claim is backed up with documentation.

The first twelve generations are from a Norse legend. Information on the succeeding generations can be found in the published books detailed in the credits.

Generation One

Fornjot, King of Finland 6th century

m unknown

  • Hler (Aegir)
  • Logi
  • Kari

Generation Two


m unknown

  • Frost

Generation Three


m unknown

  • Snow the Old

Generation Four

Snow the Old

m unknown

  • Thorri

Generation Five

Thorri, King of Finland

m unknown

  • Norr
  • Gorr
  • Goi

Generation Six

Gorr, the Sea King

m unknown

  • Heiti
  • Beiti

Generation Seven


m unknown

  • Sveithi or Sveidi

Generation Eight

Sveithi, the Sea King

m unknown

  • Halfden

Generation Nine

Halfden the Old

m unknown

  • Ivar

Generation Ten

Ivar, Earl of the Uplands

m unknown

  • Eystein Glumra

Generation Eleven

Eystein Glumra, the Noisy

m unknown

  • Rögnvald

Generation Twelve

Rögnvald (Reginald), Earl of Möre

m Hilda, daughter of Rolf Nefia

  • Hrólfr (Rollo)
  • Thorer

Generation Thirteen

Rollo, 1st Duke of Normandy b 850 Maer, Norway d 932 Notre Dame, Rouen, France

m ca. 898 Normandy, France Popei of Bayeux, daughter of Count Berenger de Bayeux

It is also said that Rollo was given Gisela, the daughter of King Charles III the Simple of France. Rollo received the name Robert at his baptism. He was also know as the Partrician of Normandy: a Roman title.

Generation Fourteen

William I Longsword, 2nd Duke of Normandy b ca. 901 Notre Dame, Rouen, France d 17 Dec 942 Normandy, France

m ca. 930 Normandy, France Liutgarda, daughter of Count of Senlis Hubert

William was murdered on the island of Picquigny in the Somme at the behest of Arnulf of Flanders.

Generation Fifthteen

Richard I, Sanspeur (without fear), 3rd Duke of Normandy b 28 Aug 933 Fecamp, Normandy, France d 20 Nov 996 Fecamp, Normandy, France

m Emma, daughter of Hugh the Great, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Paris, and Duke of France

m ca. 957 Fecamp, Normandy, France Gunnor De Crepon, daughter of Herbastus De Crepon, sister of Robertian Hugh Capet.

Generation Sixteen

William, 2nd Count of Eu b ca. 955 Normandy, France d 1025 Normandy, France

m 1021 Normandy, France Alice Lesceline de Harcourt, daughter of Turchetil b Turqueville,Normandy,France ca. 973 d 26 Jan 1057/58 buried St Pierre sur, Dives Abbey

  • Robert, 3rd Count of Eu b ca. 1022 Normandy, France
  • Gullaume (William) Busac b 1023
  • Hugh, Bishop of Lisieux b ca. 1024 Normandy, France d 1077

Richard II, the Good, 4th Duke of Normandy b ca. 957 Normandy, France d 28 Aug 1026 Fecamp, France

m ca. 1005 Normandy, France Judith of Brittany, daughter of Conan Rennes and Ermengrade Anjou

m unknown

Robert, Count of Evreux b ca. 964 d 1037 Nicaea, Turkey

m ca. 990 Agnes De Toni

  • Agnes D'Evereux b ca. 995 m Amauri de Montfort

Emma, Queen of England b ca. 975 Normandy, France d 14 Mar 1051/52, buried Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, England

m 5 Apr 1002 Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, England AEthelred II, King of England, son of Edgar Peacful and Elfrida

  • Edward (St.) the Confessor, King of England b ca. 1003 Islip, Oxfordshire, England d 5 Jan 1065/66 London, England m Edith (Eadgyth) 23 Jan 1044/45, daughter of Godwin, Earl of Wessex
  • Alfred Athling b ca. 1006 d 1036
  • Godgifu (Gode) b ca. 1009

m 2 Jul 1017 Canute II the Great, King of England

  • Anutsson, King of England b ca. 1018
  • Gunhilda Cnutsson b ca. 1020
  • daughter b ca. 1022

Hedwig d 21 Feb 1034

m 996 Godfrey (Geoffrey) of Brittany, Duke of Brittany

  • Alan III of Bretaign, Count of Bretaign
  • Adela of Rennes, Abbbess St. Georges Rennes
  • Eudon
  • Emme

The only connection I can find for Emme to these parents is in a family tree created by P. H. Lawson F. S. A., Chester

Generation Seventeen

(Children of Richard II and Judith of Brittany)

Richard III, 5th Duke of Normandy b ca. 1005 d 6 Aug 1027

m Jan 1027 Adela (Alix) Capet, princess of France

  • Alice of Normandy b ca. 1027 Normandy, France

Robert I, 6th Duke of Normandy b ca. 1008 d 1-3 Jul 1035 in Nicaea, Turkey

m(mistress) Herleve of Falais b ca. 1012 d ca.1050

m 1031 Estrith (Margaret) of Denmark

(Children of William, 2nd Count of Eu and Alice Lesceline de Harcourt)

Robert, 3rd Count of Eu b ca. 1022 Normandy, France d 8 Apr 1089 Normandy, France

m Beatrice de Builly

Robert, Count of Eu fought with William, Duke of Normandy at Mortemer in 1054: "On the other side of river, Robert, count of Eu, with Hugh of Gournay, Walter Giffard, Roger of Mortemer, and the young William of Wasenne, came out from their own lands to withstand the eastern incursion under Count Odo and Count Rainald. ... and when the troops of the count of Eu rapidly advanced they achieved surprise, and fought with an initial advantage which was ultimately to prove decisive.", David C. Douglas, William the Conqueror, page 68

"The Countess Lesceline and her son Robert, count of Eu, were responsible for the abbey of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives, and later the same Count Robert set up the abbey of Saint-Michel-du-Tréport", Ibid. page 112

"They were the companions, and the followers, of the new aristocracy whose recent rise to power was a mark of the duchy [Normandy] from which they came. Many of the greatest figures of that nobility - such as Robert, count of Eu, Hugh of Montfort-sur-Risle, William of Warenne and Robert of Beaumont - are specifically records as having been present at Hastings, and it is known that they brought their own knights with them", Ibid. page 203

Robert also took part in William the Conqueror's 1068 campaign: "Some idea of the importance attached to these castles can be obtained by a contemplation of the men to whom they were entrusted. For these were chosen from among the most important of the Norman magnates. Thus Dover, within the special province of Odo of Bayeux, was put under Hugh of Montfort-sur-Risle. The castle at Hastings, first given in charge to Humphrey of Tilleul, was soon to be the responsibility of Robert, count of Eu.", Ibid. pages 216-217

Douglas points out that the important men to which William had granted land further distributed this land to those who had lived near them when they were in Normandy: "Similarly, among the tenants in England of Robert, count of Eu, were men whose names reveal the origin of their families in Creil-sur-Mar, Floques, Normanville, Ricarville, Sept-Meules, and Mesnires, which lie in a circle round Eu itself.", Ibid. page 270

The land granted to Robert was Hastings: "Thus the bulk of Kent was given to his half-brother Odo, and the five rapes of Sussex - Hastings, Pevensey, Lewes, Arundel, and Bramber - were bestowed on the counts of Eu and Mortain, William of Warenne, Roger of Montgomery, and William of Briouze. ...Finally, the great marcher earldoms came into being - Hereford, Shrewsbury, and Chester - and these passed to William fitz Osbern, Roger of Montgomery, and Hugh, son of Richard, vicomte of Avranches.", Ibid. page 272.

It is curious as to why Robert did not grant land to his grandson Odard (generaton 18 below) who received land in Cheshire over 200 miles to the northwest from Hugh, son of Richard, vicomte of Avranches, who may have been his uncle. If Odard did not come to England until some 20 years after the battle of Hastings, nothing may have been available at that time.

(Children of Hedwig and Godfrey of Brittany)


m Ivo (Yvron) Viscount of Cotentin (Constantine)

  • Nigel
  • Geffry
  • Odard or Huddard b ca. 1061 Normandy, France
  • Edward or Edard b ca. 1063 Normandy, France
  • Horsuin or Horswin b ca. 1066
  • Volfar or Wolfaith b ca. 1077 Normandy, France

The connection between Odard and Yvron is cited in Lysons' Magna Britannia, Vol. II. These same children are also attributed to William, 4th Count of Eu and Jeanne. In a family tree compiled by P. H. Lawson F. S. A., Chester, Yvron is shown to the descended through the St. Sauveur line from Eystein Glumra, generation eleven above.

Generation Eighteen

(Children of Robert I and Herleve of Falais)

William, King of England b 1027/28

m 1053 Cathedral of Notre Dame d'Eu, Normandy Matilda, daughter of Baldwin V, count of Flanders

  • Robert II Curthose, Duke of Normandy b 1054
  • Richard, Dike of Bernay b ca. 1055
  • Cecilia of Holy Trinity, Abbess of Caen b 1056
  • Adeliza, Nun b 1055
  • William II Rufur, King of England b 1056/60
  • Constance b ca. 1066
  • Adela, Countess of Blois b ca 1067
  • Agatha b ca. 1064
  • Matilda
  • Hanry I Beauclerc, King of England b ca Sep 1068

Adelaide (Adeliza) b 1029 d bef. 1090

m Enguerrand III d'Aumale, count of Pontthieu

  • Adeliza

m 1053 Lambert II von Boulogne of Lens, Count of Lens

  • Judith of Normandy b ca. 1054 m Earl Waltheof

m Eudes (Odo) of Champagne, Count of Champagne

  • Stephen d'Aumale, Count of Aumale b before 1070

(Children of Robert, 3rd count of Eu and Beatrice de Builly)

William, 4th Count of Eu b ca. 1040 Normandy, France d aft. 1077

m Beatrice de Builly

m Normandy, France Jeanne or Helisinde, sister of Hugh Lupus, Count of Avranches and Earl of Chester

  • Nigel
  • Geoffry
  • Odard or Huddard b ca. 1061 Normandy, France
  • Edward or Edard b ca. 1063 Normandy, France
  • Horsuin or Horswin b ca. 1066
  • Volfar or Wolfaith b ca. 1077 Normandy, France

It is claimed that William's wife Helisinde was also the niece of William the Conqueror. Cokayne's "Complete Peerage" (Chester, p. 164) identifies Helsinde's mother Emma de Conteville as the half sister of William. Several sources question this relationship as well as her marrige to Richard le Goz, Viscount of Avranches.

This parentage for Odard and his five brothers has also been brought into question. Another theory has Odard and his five brothers as the children of Emme and Ivo (Yvron), viscount of Contentin. What is not in question is that Hugh, Earl of Chester did grant land and titles to Odard while his possible grandfather, Robert, 3rd Count of Eu did not.

Generation Ninteen


An item dug up by Carole Dutton Malisiak from Raines, F. R. Rev, "Historical Notices of the Diocese of Chester," vol. 1 in "Remains Historical & Literary Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester." Cheshire, Printed for the Chetham Society, 1865, p 299-300.

Although unnoticed in the Domesday Survey, Stockport had been a Military Station of importance from the time of the Romans to the Norman Conquest. The Parish was very considerable and the Church had, doubtless, been destroyed by the Invaders at that epoch. In 1173 the Castle of Stockport was held by Geoffry de Costentyn against Henry II, but it does not appear whether the Earl or Geoffry was then the possessor. It was afterwards the property of the Despensers, Earls of Winchester, and under them it was held by the Stockports, Sir Robert de Stockport occurring in a deed of the time of Richard the First, witnessed by John as Earl of Moreton.

Henry I, 5th Count of Eu, Lord of Hastings d 12 Jul 1140

m Maud

m Hermentrude

m Margaret de Champagne, daughter of William Sire de Sollei

  • John, Count of Eu
  • Stephen, Master of Templars

The First Duttons: Generation Ninteen - Thirty Eight